“Ocala Rocks” in More Ways than One

It’s been a while since I wrote a blog post… This one is pretty cute. Since my blog is about, “What’s Happening in Ocala” I thought I would share this with you.  Last week was my first experience when I stumbled upon a “Painted Rock” down by the City Hall. I was taking a photo of my grandson by a painted horse, which we have all over Ocala. The note attached to the rock said, “Face book, “Ocala Rocks” keep or rehide. When I got back home I looked up, “Ocala Rocks” on Face Book and learned of this awesome way to spread joy around town. I never heard of this before, but several city’s nationwide has their own painted rocks Face book page. It is the cutest thing. So, of course I had to paint my own to continue spreading some more joy. Once you paint your rocks, then you take them anywhere public and post hints for your face book rock friends to try and find. Some people are very vague with their clues, and make it harder for you to locate, especially since we have a pretty large county. I like giving good clues, so they are not too hard to find. Once you find a painted rock, then you can keep it, or rehide. Most people will paint several, and hide them, so keeping some now and then is perfectly ok. I’ve made about 20 so far, and I just found my first rock tonight (in the picture below- “Shine”).  I will keep this one, but I have several more coming to hide soon. I think there is a little bit of kid in every one of us. I was pretty excited about my first find. Check out this Face Book group page and join in and have some fun by clicking here “Ocala Rocks”. In pictures below are some examples, and a couple of the hide places.


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