Why Realtors are Therapists too…

 I recently read an article about Realtors being Therapists, and boy did I ever agree with it. I have always been a people person. I love People! It doesn’t matter if you are two or ninety two, I can find a common ground with any age, and can relate. I love different cultures too. At times I have even (or at least tried to) communicate with people that don’t even speak my language. One thing we all have in common is the need to feel loved, and that somebody cared.

To me Real Estate is all about people. Yes, it is about buying and selling homes, but we must connect with people first before the transaction happens. It’s one of the biggest decisions that people will make in a lifetime. Yes, it can be very scary and emotional. That’s why it is important to have an agent right by your side, so you never have to go it alone.

I had a buyer in the past that wrote a contract, then completely changed their mind and canceled it the very next day. Yep, she got cold feet! She typically had such a hard time making decisions. This happened after taking them from one end of the county to the other (several hundred miles) looking for a home with land for her horses. I ACTUALLY HAD TO STAY FORCUSED ON THIS ONE! They went back up north, and then decided that they really wanted a home in Florida, and thus we searched again for the right home and property. After another full day… the perfect home (for them) was located… SHE LOVED IT!!! The contract was accepted, and half way through the process, she began to doubt that she made the right choice. Talk about emotional! When I called to follow up, she decided that she did not want to talk to me. So, I said to her partner, that is OK, but would you mind to put me on speaker phone, so I could talk where she could hear me, but she would not have to respond. I said to my customer; Let us go over your dreams and goals… Why did you want to purchase a home in Florida… her biggest reason was being in the sunshine, so I reminded her of that, and lots of it! She dreamt about this for years. Also, it was a great area for her horses, and for her to be more involved in the horse community. So, as a Real Estate Therapist (I’m not really a therapist) I just needed to share with her that these dreams and goals were hers, not mine. I just had to remind her of what brought her here in the first place. It was a struggle through it all, and I was not even sure she was going to show up for the closing, but she was there! After she closed on her home, she told me that I really should have been a Therapist. She let me know what it meant to her that I never gave up, and how I was there right by their side through the process.

Realtors do not have it easy… but good agents are up for the challenge, and will find ways to assist you through any situation making your home buying and selling experience as stress free as possible!

Thank you for the opportunity to earn your business. I look forward to hearing from you! 

 Teresa Fikaris


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Ocala’s Silver Springs To Become A State Park This October 2013

It’s with mixed emotions that I am writing this Blog today regarding the Silver Springs Attraction that’s located in our beautiful city of Ocala. Tourists have been enjoying Florida’s original attraction since the 1800’s.  You may not of had the opportunity to visit Silver Springs yourself, but you may have heard about the world-famous glass bottom boats that visitors at the park get to enjoy the on the tour.

At Silver Springs Silver Springs Attraction 1-23-2013 (27)  There’s no way I would be holding this spider…. wow!

The springs pumps out 550 million gallons of sparkling clear water a day,

enough to supply the entire city of New York.

     Silver Springs Attraction 1-23-2013 (59)   Silver Springs Attraction 1-23-2013 (60)

Last week for my birthday I told my husband that I wanted to go one last time before the changes were made and I no longer would have the opportunity to go. It was sad to me, as there were so many fond memories of my grandparents taking me as a little girl. I also took my granddaughter there when she was 2 years old, and she is now 23 (today just so happens to be her birthday). In fact 4 out of my 5 grandkids have enjoyed the going to the Park. I’m still debating whether I should take my youngest grandson who is 2 years old. The only problem is that he likes to take off running… which may not work well there.

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Several movies and TV series were made at the Springs including: “Sea Hunt”, “Creature From The Black Lagoon”, “National Geographic” specials, and many TV commercials.

In 1916 the silent movie “The Seven Swans,” starring Richard Barthelmess and Marguerite Clark, was filmed at the park.

Silver Springs became very popular in the ‘30s and ‘40s when Johnny Weissmuller starred in six  “Tarzan” movies that took place here.

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“The Yearling” starring Gregory Peck and Jane Wyman that was filmed at Silver Springs in the 1040’s. Others movies included,  “Distant Drums” with Gary Cooper, “Underwater” starring Jane Russell and Richard Egan, “Blindfold” with Rock Hudson and Claudia Cardinale, “Never Say Never Again” starring Sean Connery, and “Smokey & The Bandit 3” with Jackie Gleason. In 1999 the Discovery Channel shot on location the “Crocodile Hunter”  with Steve Irwin. Countless other movies and films were made here. The lists goes on and on.

Silver Springs Attraction 1-23-2013 (66)   Silver Springs Attraction 1-23-2013 (68)

Silver Springs is a three hundred fifty-acre nature park surrounding the Silver River. During 1950 the number of guests at Silver Springs jumped to more than 800,000 a year.  I’m not sure what the highest number of guests were at its peak, but it was “the happening place”. Due to declining ticket sales and increasing nitrate pollution it has made the attraction unprofitable. The take over from the state plans to clean up the area and make it accessible as part of the adjacent Silver River State Park.

Palace Entertainment’s lease to manage the Silver Springs Attraction ran from 2002 until Dec. 31, 2029, but through negotiations with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, the state has secured $4 million in work by Palace Entertainment in order to restore the property to its natural condition. The exotic animals and amusement rides will be discontinued as the state takes over.

Check out the website for Silver Springs by clicking here.

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Believe it or not, I am not necessarily a “Horse Person”.

The last couple of months I have posted quite a bit about horses, farms and horse events. Believe it or not, I am not necessarily a “Horse Person”. I have lived in Ocala almost 7 years and had no idea about the horse industry. I guess you can say I’m making up for lost time, and getting to know all the horse stuff at once. I have one more horse “thing” that I would like to do, but not quite yet. Sometime in the future I would like to see what a Rodeo is all about.

As a Realtor in this county that claims to be “Horse Capital of the World” I thought the horse industry would something that I needed to know more about, just in case I have a client that wants to know. Not that I really know what it’s all about, but at least now I have a vague idea what’s happening here in our beautiful county.

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Discovery Center at Tuscawilla Park~

I heard about the Discovery Center through the Chamber of Commerce. Although I was not able to attend the Ribbon Cutting event last month, I still wanted to see what it was all about…. Among many things that they offer, I was happy to find out that they had classes on Thursdays for Toddlers.

So today my little grandson (Derek) got to participate in the class. It was so cute…. the class learned about Rainbows…. They made rainbow necklaces from Fruit Loops, made rainbow streamers that blew in the wind, blew bubbles that they could see rainbow colors, had story time, and ended with eating rainbow colored Jello.

Mrs. De was wonderful, and might I add very patient…. working with 2 year olds is not easy, but she certainly was up for the task…. thank you Mrs. De for a wonderful job. I am so glad that Derek got to come today.

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Click here to learn more about the Discovery Center.

MISSION STATEMENT: “The Discovery Center of Ocala strives to provide community members of all ages an interactive educational experience which stimulates a desire to expand personal knowledge.”

Discovery Center
701 N.E. Sanchez Ave
Ocala, FL 34470
Phone: 352-401-3900
Fax: 352-368-5514
Email: Discovery@ocalafl.org

Office Hours
9 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Monday through Friday

Click on the names below to see a short bio of each of the staff:

Discovery Center Supervisor
Suzanne Shuffitt

Vicki Carol ,Sarah Damien, Ken Nash, Karen Puracan,
Jason Schappert, David Schlenker, Katherine Vega, De Warner

Jackie Cheek, Caryn Van Zant

Discovery Center Cultural Arts Coordinator
Melissa Townsend

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River Cruises

Have you ever gone on a River Cruise? It’s always so relaxing and so enjoyable to see nature and the wildlife. Check out these River Cruises….

The Anhinga Spirit

  • Te Anhinga Spirit offers trips down the Ocklawaha River in the company of an  experienced local captain. The trip can be tailored to your specific needs,  whether it is to fish, learn about the environment or for a special occasion.  Facilities are basic, but the 24-foot pontoon boat has sun and rain protection  and a bathroom on board. It has a six-person capacity.

    16275 NE 149th Ave, Fort McCoy, FL 32134 352-546 5718 captainerikasfloridaboatcharters.com

Monkey by Robin McCallum

Glass Bottom Boats

  • Spot crawfish, snails, turtles or even an alligator on a glass-bottom boat on  the Silver River in Silver Springs. A cover protects you from the sun and rain.  The water is almost 100 percent pure allowing for excellent views of underwater  life. The captains are licensed by the US Coast Guard licensed and steer the  small boats through seven major spring formations. They will also point out  fossils in the area that date back 70 million years.

    5656 E. Silver Springs Blvd. Silver Springs, FL 34488 352-236 2121 silversprings.com

Fort King River Cruise

  • The Fort King Army stockade, a Seminole Indian village, a riverboat dock and  train depot dating from the 1880s and an authentic Florida homestead are some of  the sights you’ll see on the Fort King River cruise in Silver Springs Nature  Park. The area has 10,000 years of history and interactive exhibits and a  working archaeological dig help put it into context. Boats are basic but  comfortable with sun protection.

    5656 E. Silver Springs Blvd. Silver Springs, FL 34488 352-236 2121 silversprings.com

Lost River Voyage

  • The Silver Springs Nature Park offers sights of osprey, heron and basking  alligators as it drifts past tall, bald cypress trees. The cruise includes a  stop at a wildlife post where naturalists can answer questions and offer  information about breeding programs and wildlife rehabilitation. The boats are  simple, but comfortable, small river cruisers.

    Gator by Robin McCallum

    5656 E. Silver Springs Blvd. Silver Springs, FL 34488 352-236 2121 silversprings.com

Silver River Spirit

  • The Silver River Spirit offers a free cruise in a very basic, glass-bottom,  eight-man boat. The 3.5 hour tour takes in three miles of the Silver River  departing from the Ocala Boat Club in Silver Springs. Cruises are seasonal and  can get booked up, so early online-booking is advisable. Time is allowed for a  free lunch and swimming, and there are towels on board for passenger use.

    9570  NE 28th Ln Silver Springs, FL 34488 352-236 3227 glass-bottom-boat.com

On a lazy, lazy day, can you think of anything better to do than cruise down a cool river? Captain Mike’s Lazy River Cruises offers guided boat tours down the Withlacoochee River. What better way is there to view great wildlife and great scenery than from a relaxing seat on a boat ride? The tours are from a covered pontoon boat with very plush seating. They leave from Stumpknocker’s, a favorite local restaurant,so passengers can have dinner before or after their cruise. The rivers in Florida offer some of the best bird watching in the U.S. The River is much as it was when the Indians canoed it a hundred years ago. There are many varieties of birds such as herons, egrets,hawks, and eagles,along with many other types of animals especially our ALLIGATORS.

Captain Mike has been voted the best tour guide by the local community year after year. He has certificates in Eco-tourism and enjoys sharing his knowledge of the rivers, their history,as well as the wildlife and native flora.

In business since 1997, Capt. Mike’s is already known for offering one of the most scenic and informative boat tours in Florida.

Tours from Stumpknockers restaurant on Hwy 200. Please do not call the restaurant.  Call Captain Mike for reservations or info. 352-637-2726

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“The Piano Girl”

Tonight someone clicked on my Blog as a follower named, Piano Girl… I was not sure who this person was, so I tried to check it out, and finally found the Piano Girl online…. As I listened to her playing the piano, my heart was inspired to worship God…. it brought tears to my eyes… what talent…. I believe that talent comes from God and I am grateful that she uses her gift to bless others (namely me).

Please check out this awesome video and other videos from the Piano Girl on her youtube page.

If you know anyone wanting piano lessons, check out the Piano Girl!

Contact Information: Laura@OcalaPianoLessons.com

Phone: (352) 587-2441


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Historic Ocala… what a past!

Historic Ocala… what a past!

Yesterday I had the privilege to meet with someone (Bettie DeBary) that was very knowledgeable about the History of Ocala. What a pleasure to sit and listen to the history of the early days, some of which dated past the native Indians… Our time was limited, so Bettie was not able to go into great detail of many of the events that happened here so long ago. So she touched on several topics… Oh, how I wished I had all day with her.

Bettie’s great-great-grandfather came here in 1837. Peter Hale was on her paternal side. He was a dragoon [a mounted infantryman armed with a short musket] and had several assignments in Florida. Fort King was one of his stations. She also has a Native American heritage also, folks from the Carolinas who could be Cherokee.

Bettie told me that her husband Earl had even more knowledge of History here than she did. I found that hard to believe, since she was so interesting to hear and just full of knowledge herself.

I have this great desire to learn more about our Ocala history. I can’t wait to meet with her again, and possibly get a tour of Historic Ocala.

If you are interested and want to know about Historic Ocala, give me a call, 352-208-5874 to further discuss.

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Left- Picture of Earl, Bettie and their son Jeremy DeBary- Living History Interpreters~