I love getting and giving referrals. If you are pleased with the services that you have received, tell others about them. Word of mouth is the best advertisement anyone can receive. Whether it is a realtor referral, a service provider, doctor, dentist or any other person or company that has provided you with exceptional service, share your experience with others. When you are new to the area it is very important to have people you can trust. Who better to recommend someone, than a satisfied customer or patient. Here are a few medical providers that I want to rave about:



Phone: 352-512-0092

I wasn’t happy with the former Dermatologist I went to at all. He had no personality and seemed very impersonal. I knew that I would not be going back to him ever again. After asking several people, someone recommended Dr. Amy Cauthen to me. When I arrived, I was greeted by a warm friendly staff (which by the way is as important to me as the doctor). Dr. Amy was fabulous! I felt she cared about me as a patient, and at the same time I felt like family. And she did not overcharge me like the former doctor did for the same kind of services (she charged me less than half of what he charged). Check out the article in the Ocala Magazine, October Issue (page 34) that was written about her: I highly recommend Dr. Cauthen. She is awesome!


Dr. Evan Pederson- DENTIST

Phone: 352-873-2000

I worked as a dental assistant for 23 years (for the same dentist). He was a great boss, and believe it or not, I have crowns and fillings that are still in perfect condition  that he did back in 1979-1980. Now that is amazing! After relocating to Ocala and going to a couple dentists that treated me like a number, and not a person, I finally found a good one. He was a southern gentleman; however that ended too soon when he relocated out of the area. So, back to my search for a warm and caring dentist. My pause between dentists lasted longer than it should have. I think I waited a 3 years. I know that is terrible!

Then, I remembered that a neighbor recommended a dentist to me a few years back, and I called the office and made an appointment. Dr. Pederson is amazing! I had to have a tooth surgically removed, and it was a tough one to come out. He expected me to have a lot of pain afterward. I was also expecting the pain too, however, I had NO PAIN! I did not feel anything afterward. That evening, he gave me a call to check to see how I was feeling. I cannot say enough good things about him. Recently I brought my step-dad to him, and we have been ecstatic with the results of everything that has been done for him as well. * Please note- just because I did not have pain, does not mean that it could not happen as a result of dental treatment… just saying!


Dr. Douglas Murphy- GYNACOLOGIST

Phone: 352- 351-0060

Another great find! I loved the GYN doctor I had, but the problem was that he was also an Obstetrician (a baby doctor). Each time I went for a checkup I sat in a room full of pregnant ladies. That wasn’t that bad, but what was bad was that the waiting times were awful. After waiting sometimes up to an hour, then you would be called back and I would sit another 20-30 minutes. Two different times after waiting all that time, I was told that the doctor had to go to the hospital to deliver a baby. As much as I liked the doctor, I had to find a doctor that was not an Obstetrician. This time I used the social media network to ask local ladies for a recommendation. Dr. Murphy was perfect! He was exactly what I was looking for. He has a great staff and he’s a warm and caring doctor.



Phone: 352-861-1667

I’ve been going to Melissa Lozano for several years now. At first, I saw the doctor, which was very nice. The next visit the receptionist asked if I would like to be seen by the nurse practitioner, since the doctor was not available. That was the last time I actually seen the doctor. Melissa is so knowledgeable and is very thorough. She takes her time to explain everything to you, so you are not wondering when you leave what she said. However, just in case you do forget, everything that was discussed is printed out (when you check out), so you don’t forget what she said. Melissa comes highly recommended.



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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month…

I went to the Marion County Cultural Alliance to pick up some business supplies and on display they had these bra’s that were made by local artists. The Bra’s will be Auctioned  on EBay to raise funds for American Caner Society.

Here are some of the bra’s that were made for the Auction:

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Seems like everyone is getting onboard and Thinking Pink!

Click here to watch this cute You Tube Video~ Making Strides-Call Me Maybe


For more information about the American Cancer Society  call Jennifer Brannon 352-629-4747 X 5825 or check out her website:

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