About Me

I am a full time Realtor, and I’m very passionate about assisting my customers. Whether you are two or ninety two, I will find a common ground.

It’s my pleasure going through each step with you, so you never have to”go it” alone. Providing personalized client service is my #1 priority!

As “Your Agent” I work for you.
When you are buying or selling a home, it’s important to have an Agent by your side looking out for
your best interests throughout the entire process. And there is no cost for my services!

My mission is to provide top-quality service, excellent follow up, and to go the extra mile with a smile! So don’t hesitate… give me a call at: 352-208-5874.

5 responses to “About Me

  1. Hi Teresa 🙂 it’s “pianogirl” thanks so much for the support! I got your message today about a CD, unfortunately I don’t have CDs that I sell. But that’s a good idea! LOL! Anyway thanks again for the blog you wrote ! Its really nice to hear what people think! Thanks for reading and listening to my blogs! Your comments are greatly appreciated 🙂 have a wonderful weekend!


    • Thanks Piano Girl for your response… you really need to think about putting a CD together. If you wanted to sit and record several pieces for me on a CD, I would be more than happy to pay for it…. please consider it. I used to listen to music everyday of my life…. I felt I could not function without hearing music. Then I became a Realtor, and I hardly ever listen to music anymore. I work so many hours, and speaking on the phone to clients, title companies, lenders, inspectors… the lists go on and on…. my brain is always on overload… When I get in my car to run errand or take care of business, I’m still making calls and following up with people. Just recently I put on a CD of Sarah Brightman, and it was completely relaxing. Then this week listening to your music was also refreshing and soothing. You are a gifted musician… and it’s an honor to have the privilege to be in touch with you… thanks!

  2. I’m interested in a home in Ocala. 4 br 2100 sq. Has a pool as well. What are your fees? Are you available  Tuesday or Wednesday next week? 

     I am a NY building contractor. I am not versed in things down your way.

    • Thank you for your post on my blog Stephan,

      It would be my pleasure to assist you in your home search. My services are completely FREE to you (the Buyer), however I do get paid by the seller when the home closes. It’s a win-win situation. You get all the great services of a Buyers Agent assisting you all along the way, and you don’t have to pay a cent for it.

      Please call me at 352-208-5874 (tonight if you want up to 9:30 PM). Tomorrow (Saturday) will be pretty busy for me, but I would love to speak with you to get more details of what you want in a home or community. Also feel free to email me directly at Teresa@TeresaFikaris.com.

      Hope to hear from you soon!

      Teresa Fikaris

    • Stephan,

      Please call me if you are planning on coming here, and wanting to see homes on Tuesday. It takes time to look up listings, setting up appointments and to get get you preapproved, if you need financing. Iemailed you as well, but I have not heard back.

      I also need to rearrange my schedule to accommodate meeting with you.

      Teresa Fikaris/Buyers Agent

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