Market Update…. New Construction Going Up All Over….

New Construction is happening all around our area…. Ocala/Marion County is back on the map!!! That is exciting news that our local economy is on the uptick. When builders start building homes again, recovery is in sight. Several new communities are springing up. Have you noticed that it’s not just new homes that are being built? Commercial Sales are up too. It seems like all the larger car dealerships are building massive new stores. As a Realtor you couldn’t ask for more.

New Construction 1 New Construction 2 New Construction 3

I recently just purchased a new home myself. In my community there are at least 20 new homes being built at the same time with a few different builders. If you are sitting on the fence in your decision making, DO NOT WAIT!!!! NOW IS THE TIME!!! We still have awesome prices and great low interest rates (although prices  and rates have inched up somewhat). Let me know how I can assist you or someone you know.


Looking to purchase or sell a home… I can sell any home in Marion County…

Call me today for more information regarding all your Real Estate needs.

Teresa Fikaris, REALTOR, Fontana Realty

Cell: 352-208-5874



Going the extra mile with a smile!



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