How do you know when we hit the bottom in our local market, and how do you know when it’s the best time to buy? Well it’s easy to figure out…. It’s the same in the stock market. You really never get it at its lowest point, because if you keep waiting to see the lowest point, you will miss it. You watch and wait, and then all of a sudden its starts to creep back up. At that time you better buy now.

That’s what we are experiencing in our market now. We still have great home prices and historical low interest rates. However, prices are starting to creep back up, NOW IS THE TIME TO BUY, DON’T WAIT!!!!


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We are seeing multiple offers on homes in the Ocala area. Just this month I had a buyer that made offers on two different homes, and neither one of their offers were accepted. The market is changing and every market type has it challenges.

After speaking with my former broker from the Orlando area, I was amazed to hear about all the new home construction that is happening there in her market. Her team members are so busy that she has to hire more agents to help with their work load. That’s a nice problem after many years of drought in the new home construction industry. It’s thrilling to see buyers once again starting to flood the market. When that happens, then it won’t be long and you will start to see a turn around here too.

Rising home prices can fuel the housing recovery by encouraging people to buy before prices increase further.

Call me today for more information about what is happening in the Ocala area.

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