“What If” the Cross Florida Barge Canal came through Ocala

On February 15, 2012 I submitted a post, “OCALA HISTORY- Cross Florida Barge Canal”  and Travis Dill happen to see the blog and became involved as a follower. He submitted the following information that I wanted to share with you along with a screenshot:

“Here is a current screenshot of the bridge so far, the original supports are done in old mossy concrete to resemble themselves as of now but the rest was done in a new construction look. This is a early build so far, adding trees and recognizable artifacts will follow once the bridge itself is done. Also tossed in a barge model for effect and a laugh. Best part of the model is … no Sherrifs Department in median anymore! lol
Heading down to Santos on Sunday for some more pictures of the area and some measurements of the supports for more accuracy as well.”

This is a screen shot of the 3D model of what the section would have looked like on 441 in the median by the Sherrifs Department near Santos.  Subbmitted by Travis Dill.

One of the Bridge Supports located in the median behind the Sherrif’s Office on 441

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8 responses to ““What If” the Cross Florida Barge Canal came through Ocala

  1. Hi there, thanks for posting the image. I know the supports were built back in 1935 and for todays standards are too old and out of coding specs for modern bridges but I just wanted to “finish” the project and share it. I plan to also model the current area and “ghost” image them together for a cool visual effect. Better terrain modeling and greenery will be added as I progress with it. Am hoping to eventually chart and map the entire canal into a full model.

  2. I am dying to get photos and videos of the columns. I found info that these are around the 41/301 split. However the split is close to Highway 329 while the address of the sheriff’s department on Google shows it being farther south. I would love to get a more exact location.

    • Hi Trail View Mount, The exact location of the Bridge Supports are located on 441 and 80th Street (Santos) directly behind the Sheriff’s station. They are not real visable. You have to look hard to see them. Any new information or pictures that you would like to share would be welcomed for the Blog. Feel free to give me a call at 352-208-5874 if you would like. Thanks for you reply!

  3. You can actually park in the Sheriff Station lot and walk back there to see them. There is a nicely mowed trail leading to the history Kiosk and the first support to the left behind the station. Be warned there are lots of spiders you might just walk into a few going back there, I sure did lol.

  4. Thank you for your help Teresa. As a professional videographer and photographer, I can’t wait to document these historic structures. Also I will definitely share photos with you. And thank you Travis for your help here. You both are very kind. I tried to find the Sheriff Station address and couldn’t. My GPS would get me there easier I believe. But I will try with directions. Thank you both again.

    • Trail View Mount… So happy to hear from you again…. hopefully you can get out there to the bridge supports soon and get some photos. I would love to see them and post them on the blog. Which direction are you coming from?

      Let me know if there is anything I can do… Have a great day!

  5. Thank you Teresa. I’m in Sarasota. Since bicycling the fantastic Baseline Trail off 58th Avenue and finding out about the Florida Barge Canal history in the area, I’ve been dying to get back. Yes I will get in touch as soon as I visit and get lots of pictures When you get time Google ‘Trail View Mount’ and see my Flickr.com link. I think I’m up to 1900 photos there so far. Talk soon.


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