Farm Tours of Ocala

Since moving to Ocala, I’ve wanted to see what it’s like behind the scenes of some of these beautiful farms and to see the horses….One of my brothers is a Ferrier (Blacksmith), another brother has horses and my sister has two horses, but I don’t know a thing about them.

Sometimes if I’m out early in the morning I can see the jockey’s exercising the horses on the track on this big farm near me. I usually pull over in my car to watch. Although the view is not the closest, I’m still fascinated and sit there and watch them. I’m tempted to climb over the fence to get a closer look, but I wouldn’t dare. So, when I found this tour being offered I was thrilled. I am looking forward to sharing some of the photos with you and the experience I’m about to have.

Farm Tours of Ocala

Marion County is the “Horse Capital of the World” and has over 600 thoroughbred farms. We’ve had 45 national Champions, 6 Kentucky Derby winners, 6 Horses of the Year, and many Preakness Stakes and Breeders’ Cup winners that was trained here in our county.

Karen Grimes, an avid horseperson and long-time resident of Ocala’s Horse Country, will take you behind the scenes of working farms to get you up close and personal with equine athletes and the professionals who train and care for them. You can chat with the professionals and share Karen’s enthusiasm and knowledge of the Marion County horse scene.

For more information check out Karen’s website:

Tour prices: $35.00 Plus Tax per adult. $20.00 kids under 10.
Call for reservations 352-895-9302

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Teresa Fikaris, Buyer’s Agent

Fontana Realty

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Going the extra mile with a smile!


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