“The Piano Girl”

Tonight someone clicked on my Blog as a follower named, Piano Girl… I was not sure who this person was, so I tried to check it out, and finally found the Piano Girl online…. As I listened to her playing the piano, my heart was inspired to worship God…. it brought tears to my eyes… what talent…. I believe that talent comes from God and I am grateful that she uses her gift to bless others (namely me).

Please check out this awesome video and other videos from the Piano Girl on her youtube page.

If you know anyone wanting piano lessons, check out the Piano Girl!

Contact Information: Laura@OcalaPianoLessons.com

Phone: (352) 587-2441


You know anyone wanting to purchase a home….

call me 352-208-5874 

I can sell any home in Marion County….

Teresa Fikaris, “Your Buyers Agent” www.OcalaBuyersAgent.com

Going the extra mile with a smile!


3 responses to ““The Piano Girl”

    • Thanks Pat for your reply…. I’m not sure you took the time to listen to the “Piano Girl’s” music, but if you get the chance, take a listen… I hope she has some CD’s, I would love to purchase one. Also I was sharing it with one of my clients this week, and they also asked if she had any CD’s. I love to share good things to others.

  1. I really loved the “Titanic” Slide show presentation with Laura playing the piano, however after watching it fully, I felt that I should not post that one in particular, since there was a nude drawing in the slide show that may not be appropriate to some. I know it’s art, but with my modest beliefs I felt not to put it on my post. Other than that it was awesome! That’s the music that really touched me deeply.

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