Historic Ocala… what a past!

Historic Ocala… what a past!

Yesterday I had the privilege to meet with someone (Bettie DeBary) that was very knowledgeable about the History of Ocala. What a pleasure to sit and listen to the history of the early days, some of which dated past the native Indians… Our time was limited, so Bettie was not able to go into great detail of many of the events that happened here so long ago. So she touched on several topics… Oh, how I wished I had all day with her.

Bettie’s great-great-grandfather came here in 1837. Peter Hale was on her paternal side. He was a dragoon [a mounted infantryman armed with a short musket] and had several assignments in Florida. Fort King was one of his stations. She also has a Native American heritage also, folks from the Carolinas who could be Cherokee.

Bettie told me that her husband Earl had even more knowledge of History here than she did. I found that hard to believe, since she was so interesting to hear and just full of knowledge herself.

I have this great desire to learn more about our Ocala history. I can’t wait to meet with her again, and possibly get a tour of Historic Ocala.

If you are interested and want to know about Historic Ocala, give me a call, 352-208-5874 to further discuss.

Teresa Fikaris, “Your Ocala Buyers Agent” 352-208-5874

Left- Picture of Earl, Bettie and their son Jeremy DeBary- Living History Interpreters~


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