Launched by the Marion Cultural Alliance in 2001, “Horse Fever” included 52 life-sized fiberglass horses decorated by area artists. They were displayed around town for months before they were sold at an auction that raised $1.2 million for charity.

27 of the 52 horses remain in the community.

In 2005, MCA created a traveling herd of horses, dubbed “Horse Fever in Motion.” These horse statues travel to events and move throughout the community. Many are currently on display, including “Coat of Many Colors” at the Marion County Library headquarters and “Oak-ala” at Wrigley Fields in Citra.

The project was a huge success, and people are still buying “Horse Fever” books and souvenirs at the Brick City Center for the Arts.

The most recent (2011) set of “Horse Fever” statues just recently came out. There were 27 horses in all.

“Horse Fever” statues also can be found throughout the county.

52 Horse Fever (First set)

9  Horse Fever in Motion

27  10th  Anniversary Horse Fever

This Saturday-November 19th from 3-6 PM  Marion Cultural Alliance will have about 14 of the “Horse Fever” Artist there signing posters. The cost of the posters are $10.00.  The signatures are free.

Learn more about the artists


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