What’s Happening in Ocala!

What’s Happening in Ocala — Horse Fever!!

I got “Horse Fever” today. I spent five hours driving around Ocala and Marion County taking pictures of the “Horse Fever” horses that were painted by local artists.

Here’s a great article that appeared in the Ocala Star Banner by one of the artists.


7 responses to “What’s Happening in Ocala!

    • You were fabulous! I’m always so impressed with your technical brain… patience may not be your strong point, especially since the computer did not work as fast as you were working…..but you got it done, and I am now blogging!!!!!! Thanks so much!!!

      If you know anyone looking for a Buyers Agent that goes far and above, keep me in mind… It’s my pleasure to serve anyone looking to purchase a home in Marion County….

      Give me a call 352-208-5874.

  1. Another adventurous day out taking “Horse Fever” photos. Funny thing… my GPS took me the wrong way, and I ended up going down this road in the middle of nowhere (not in a great area either). However, I got a great photo of a few bulls (or could be cows, not sure). My goal is to get photos of most of the horses in the collection. Pictures will be posted soon, and a link to see the rest.

  2. I’m almost done…. I have gone all over this county taking “Horse Fever” pictures in the last couple weeks. Thanks to Robin McCallum that helped me get a great start…. Robin your photos are fabulous!

    I think I have about 56 horses that I’ve gotten pictures of…. I can’t wait to get some free time to make a slide show to share with you…. they are all very nice. You’re gonna love them!!!!

    Ocala is such a wonderful place to live…. you know anyone wanting to purchase a home…. Call me at 352-208-5874.

    • Thanks so much Melissa for commenting on my blog. It’s encouraging to get feedback from followers. Please continue to check back for more updates of, “What’s Happening in Ocala”. If you have any ideas that you would like me to blog about, please feel free to share them. I would like to know more about you and Bluejaystables. Do you have tours that you do there? If so, I would be glad to come and take pictures to post on my blog to promote your business. After all my blog is about, “What’s Happening in Ocala”. Thanks again for taking the time to respond and share your thoughts. I appreciate it very much!

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